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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Challenge Day 6 My Forever Mani

I know, I know, Im late again! Im sorry guys! Well today is day 6! My forever mani! For my forever mani I
chose my two fav polishes! As you all know I use Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter allllll the time! I just adore this color! And who doesn't love them some Sparkle??? So for my accent nails i used Hits Specialties Rock n Roll? ( the label is half gone from use lol) This polish is Brazilian I believe, so the info is in Portuguese?
I'll let the pics do the talking.

The freakin sparkle from this Hits polish is insane!!!!

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   I just wanted to thank all my challenge partners for not kicking my ass for being late! Love you all mucho!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Challenge Day 5

Challenge Day 5! I'm so sorry my post is late.I'm kinda failing at this challenge right now. So the Challenge for today is Favorite Effect. Of course I went with some insane glitter! Duh! lol

                                Below is my favorite effect. I tried a half moon with some glitter. I used Finger Paints Avante Garde Green for my green base, then added Finger Paints Watermelon Watercolor for my half moon effect. I then added some sparkly ass Finger Paints Art You Wondering? at the base, and Finger Paints Hue Left A Message? on the rest of my nail. I'll admit, this came out kind of sloppy. :/ It's harder to do half moons with chunky ass glitter. lol
I only saved this pic to capture some Sparkle!
I decided my half moon kinda blew, so I stuck with the same polish but using accent nails instead.
Sooooo sparkly!!!!!
Below are the Finger Paints I used
Another shot of my sloppy half moon.

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Hey ladies! Just letting you guys know my post will be late today. :( My new job is kicking my ass, and I love it.
So my post will be up today, just a little late. Xoxoxo

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 4 Challenge

Challenge Day 4! Glitter,Rhinestones and Fimo, Oh my! First off I should apologize for my lack of photos. I quickly jacked up my mani after getting in 2 shots. And had no patience to fix it.

For this manicure I used Finger Paints Art Nouv-Yellow and added a french tip with l'oreal L'orange.
I added a silver stripe with guess what? My silver striper. Too add a hint of FLAVA I added
a lemon fimo to each of the accent nails.
This mani gets me in the summer mood. Do you like Fimo? Ever tried a fimo mani?
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Challenge day 3 dotting tool

Challenge Day 3! Today's challenge is "Dotting Tool'. For my mani I used ChG Frostbite for the base, and Zoya Kristen (the name is fabulous,no?)for the dots. I used a large dotting tool.
Im not a fan of dots or using a dotting tool. I prefer an old fashioned paint brush. I dont do a lot of "dot" designs, therefore I find the dotting tool uneccessary unless for DOTS. lol
I'm sure many people will disagree. :/
Here she is. I guess i was just uninspired. Sorry guys.
Check out my lovely nail blogger buddies, and see what they've done. I'm sure it beats my mani with a bat.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Challenge Day 2 -Classic Mani

Hey Ladies! It's Challenge Day 2! The Classic Mani! Ok, ok, so I went safe. The french mani. It truly is classic and looks freakin awesome. At least I think so.

Below are the tools I used to create this French Mani. Polish Remover, Bobbi Brown brush, and Spoiled Correction Tape. ( Name of the polish, no tape involved lol)
I painted a rough french line.
The dipped my brush in polish remover and developed an arch along each nail.
On top I added Pure Ice Don't You Wish for sparkle.
No flash
With Flash
With Flash
I tried to make my mani a little edgier (a word?) by highlighting my nail line with
a blue glitter Migi nail art pen. Personally I thought it made my nails look like they desperately needed a good nail
Close Up
What do you think? A fan of the French???
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Challenge Day 1 -Jelly Sammich

Happy Monday! I am starting a new job today in a whole new career field, so wish me luck! Onto the nails!
Today is Day 1 of our Challenge and it called for a Jelly Sammich! This is challenge left me cursing, and throwing random household items. I failed hardcore on my jelly sammich. FML. I just couldn't find a combo of jelly and glitter that I loved. So I was left with this. Mehh....

I used Pure Ice Dreamy a super pink jelly, and Milani Jewel FX in Fucshia.
That's right, take in the suck......
Oh look a larger picture of suckiness....
Can you tell I freakin hate my jelly??? I couldn't even properly capture it's crapiness. You're Welcome.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012


 "We met. We talked. It was epic."

Hey bishes!!!! Ryan here from the blog Dream A Little Dream Of Polish! I can't tell y'all how f*ckin excited I am to be doing a guest post on my favorite bish, Kristen's, blog! I love Kristen, she is my girl & she named a franken after me, "Bitchface".  So I couldn't be more honored to be doing a guest post for my sister! Now I am a newbie TVD addict....THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!! Just watched 3 seasons in less than 3 weeks & I can't get enough.  Seeing as almost every mani I do involves some sort of divine theme & inspiration, I couldn't think of a better mani to do than a TVD mani! 

As you can also see, I am a hardcore diehard Stelena shipper!!!! STEFAN + ELENA = the most perfect pure epic forever love.  I don't care what happens or has happened since Klaus compelled to become The Ripper again & turn off his humanity, I will always love Stefan.  Even Klaus said, "...that kind of love never dies" & her bff Caroline told her "Stefan is your epic love." So far Stelena has had quite the obstacles, Damon being a very prominent part of this love triangle.  He loves Elena & she cares about him too, but I don't think it's the same depth/level of love Stelena has.  I don't think Stelena's love is over but I also don't think it's seen the end of trials & tribulations.  For the mani, I did a jelly sammich of grey OPI "My Pointe Exactly" (from the NYC Ballet Collection) & Milani "Red" glitter.  On the ring fingers, I did an accent nail of water marbling with red, black & grey (colors used: Ulta "Snow White", Revlon "Stiletto", Essie "Forever Yummy", & Essie "Master Plan").  I'm not happy with my water marbling bc I'm usually badass at marbling.  But this was my 1st jelly sammich & i like it!  I chose the grey jelly to represent the 'grey matter' in Stelena's relationship, the unresolved, the trials, Damon & the unclear.  The red glitter obviously represents the central theme of TVD - blood. Stefans struggle to control his thirst for human blood. Klaus' desire for Elena the Doppleganger's blood to create an army of hybrids. Not killing the originals bloodline....etc.  It's quite the vicious cycle! And that's why I LOVE IT!!!! Alright, alright on with the show!

 I especially love the marbling design below on my left hand
because it looks like the top of a heart being you see it?

ohhhhhh my gosh how i love Stefan....

One of my FAVE fan-made music videos set to "Breathe Again" by Sara Bareilles

So what do you think of this TVD themed mani?? Team Delena or Stelena? Why?
Haha! again gotta thank my all-time favorite Bishy McBishBish, Kristen, for allowing me to corrupt her blog with all my Crazy McCrayCray-ness!! Hope y'all enjoyed it! MWAH! XoXoXo 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tinker Bell

Happy Friday! My manicure today is super simple! Temporary Tattoo nails.

First I applied 2 coats of Confetti Wedding White. I then cut up my temp tattoo's so they would properly fit
each nail with little overlap. I chose Tinker Bell tattoo's. After cutting each tattoo to fit each nail, one by one I placed it on my nail then gently. I then covered the tattoo with a very wet (not damp) paper towel. After holding the paper towel on my nail for about 20 seconds I removed the backing. I topped off with 2 coats of SV.

This manicure was very simple, and if you can find a cool design you should definitely give it  try!