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Sunday, May 6, 2012


 "We met. We talked. It was epic."

Hey bishes!!!! Ryan here from the blog Dream A Little Dream Of Polish! I can't tell y'all how f*ckin excited I am to be doing a guest post on my favorite bish, Kristen's, blog! I love Kristen, she is my girl & she named a franken after me, "Bitchface".  So I couldn't be more honored to be doing a guest post for my sister! Now I am a newbie TVD addict....THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!! Just watched 3 seasons in less than 3 weeks & I can't get enough.  Seeing as almost every mani I do involves some sort of divine theme & inspiration, I couldn't think of a better mani to do than a TVD mani! 

As you can also see, I am a hardcore diehard Stelena shipper!!!! STEFAN + ELENA = the most perfect pure epic forever love.  I don't care what happens or has happened since Klaus compelled to become The Ripper again & turn off his humanity, I will always love Stefan.  Even Klaus said, "...that kind of love never dies" & her bff Caroline told her "Stefan is your epic love." So far Stelena has had quite the obstacles, Damon being a very prominent part of this love triangle.  He loves Elena & she cares about him too, but I don't think it's the same depth/level of love Stelena has.  I don't think Stelena's love is over but I also don't think it's seen the end of trials & tribulations.  For the mani, I did a jelly sammich of grey OPI "My Pointe Exactly" (from the NYC Ballet Collection) & Milani "Red" glitter.  On the ring fingers, I did an accent nail of water marbling with red, black & grey (colors used: Ulta "Snow White", Revlon "Stiletto", Essie "Forever Yummy", & Essie "Master Plan").  I'm not happy with my water marbling bc I'm usually badass at marbling.  But this was my 1st jelly sammich & i like it!  I chose the grey jelly to represent the 'grey matter' in Stelena's relationship, the unresolved, the trials, Damon & the unclear.  The red glitter obviously represents the central theme of TVD - blood. Stefans struggle to control his thirst for human blood. Klaus' desire for Elena the Doppleganger's blood to create an army of hybrids. Not killing the originals bloodline....etc.  It's quite the vicious cycle! And that's why I LOVE IT!!!! Alright, alright on with the show!

 I especially love the marbling design below on my left hand
because it looks like the top of a heart being you see it?

ohhhhhh my gosh how i love Stefan....

One of my FAVE fan-made music videos set to "Breathe Again" by Sara Bareilles

So what do you think of this TVD themed mani?? Team Delena or Stelena? Why?
Haha! again gotta thank my all-time favorite Bishy McBishBish, Kristen, for allowing me to corrupt her blog with all my Crazy McCrayCray-ness!! Hope y'all enjoyed it! MWAH! XoXoXo 


  1. Omg it turned out awesome! Love it Bish!!!!

  2. I had to refresh this page three times to get the stupid comment box to pop up. I swear blogger hates me. But it was well worth it because I had to come comment on Ryan's guest post! Freaking love it! the jelly sandwich turned out perfect! i have never done one and I hope mine turns out this stellar. Love the colors, the marbling, everything.

    ANd I had to laugh bc reading through the post, this is just one giant spoiler to the slow Kristen who is only on like episode 5 of season 1 lmao :)


    1. Alaina I'm on Episode 7 of Season 2 Bish! Lol I'm on my way!!!

    2. BAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA yah i didn't even think about that!!!!! i went back through & read it again this afternoon & was like F%$@ this whole post was one giant spoiler! WWOOOPPSSS sorry Kristen! and sorry to all who aren't completely caught up to season 3 ;D