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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Challenge Day 2 -Classic Mani

Hey Ladies! It's Challenge Day 2! The Classic Mani! Ok, ok, so I went safe. The french mani. It truly is classic and looks freakin awesome. At least I think so.

Below are the tools I used to create this French Mani. Polish Remover, Bobbi Brown brush, and Spoiled Correction Tape. ( Name of the polish, no tape involved lol)
I painted a rough french line.
The dipped my brush in polish remover and developed an arch along each nail.
On top I added Pure Ice Don't You Wish for sparkle.
No flash
With Flash
With Flash
I tried to make my mani a little edgier (a word?) by highlighting my nail line with
a blue glitter Migi nail art pen. Personally I thought it made my nails look like they desperately needed a good nail
Close Up
What do you think? A fan of the French???
Check out all my lovely Challenge partners below!!!!


  1. I like it! It's like the white version of mine (although I didn't add the extra definition line) =D

  2. I like the extra definition line.

  3. love french, but i fail at them and they look awful on me! love this girl! <3