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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fleckin' Fantastic!

Happy Friday! If you saw my post from yesterday then you saw my swatch of Revlon's Royal. I'm one of those people that just can't leave my nails alone. So after my Royal mani I decided to add a little somethin somethin. The absolute fantasticness (word?, probably not) of this combo couldn't be captured in my photos. Either way I had to share! Below is Revlon Royal with a coat of Zoya Opal from the 2012 Mylar Fleck Spring Collection. Its a clear jelly with a million trillion green mylar flecks. I love this stuff!!! It is no comparison to glitter and can turn any mani into something fabulous in just one coat.
Articial Light
Royal in Artifical Light
Natural Light
Anyone else try Zoya Mylar Flecks???

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Straight Slackin Bruh (in my Kevin Hart voice)

Ok, so I've been super slacking lately on my posts, I have been super busy with work and I've been swatching, just not posting. So below I am making up for the week. Warning PIC HEAVY!

Below is Layla 08 Flash Black. I've heard and read about using a good base coat on Holo's but I see no differance. I used a base coat of Seche Retain and two coats of Black Flash. I am in love with this polish. I did find the application a little hard to work with as it was thick and blotchy. After my first nail i figured out how to get complete opacity with one coat, but went for number two anyways. This polish looks a funky gray when first applied but about 40 seconds later you get this beautiful Holo effect. I also added a SV top coat which dimmed the Holo a bit, so I don't recommend it. However I did chip 3 nails by days end.

                               Artifical Light                                                             Natural Light
Below is Zoya Nova.This polish is gorgeous. It's kind of an indescribable color, to me at least. In the bottle it appears Pink. Fuchsia? Magenta? Either way its a gorgeous jelly with little pink glitter every freakin where!I used a base of Zoya Happi which I found was completely unnecessary, but I still achieved opacity with 2 coats of Nova. It's purty, and sparkly. Need I say more? Both shots are indoors.

Below is Glitter Gal Red 3D/Holo This is a horrific picture and I thought I'd caught it beautifully in the sunlight, but as you can see that is not the case. I love Glitter Gal, and cant keep my peepers off my paws when I wear it!
An oldie but goodie! Below is Revlon Royal. This picture does this polish no justice. Its a deep deep Royal Blue Creme that makes me wanna cry it's so damn luscious! This is two coats topped with SV.
Hunger Games! I grabbed a few HG's polishes and was thrilled to find out this Stone Cold is a matte! It's opaque in one coat and is super pretty with a little shimmer. It reminds me of concrete. This was a BITCH to remove. I have many matte polishes and do quite a lot of nail art which means lots of layers of polish and glitters, super hard to remove. This polish stained my fingers, my nails,. it was hella funky. Now this may have just been the bottle I bought.Anyone else have trouble? BTW I used 2base coats of SV Rebuild.
Oh Lord Help Me!!!! Me + Water Marbling = NO BUENO!
So I decided to try Marbling minus the agua. For this questionable mani I used ChG Turned Up Turquoise, Frostbite, and Kinetic Candy. I applied a couple healthy drops of each polish on my nails then swirled with a toothpick until I came up with this mess. God knows why but I continued with the rest of my nails until I ultimately accepted failure. Giggle if you must! I am a water marbling failure and I have accepted it! Don't Judge me! lol
Well that's all I've got for this evening and I am working on my Easter mani, hopefully it turns out better than my waterless marbling! lol Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Barry M & China Glaze

Alright ladies. Yesterday I got some nail mail from the fantastic Harlow & Co,and inside I received Barry M
Foil Effects. This is fantastic because I've been wanting to try my still unopened bottle of China Glaze   Electrify from the Hunger Games collection. So below is one coat of Barry M Foil Effects and it went on like a dream in one quick coat for complete opacity and loveliness!
After the Barry M, I applied no lie 3 Coats of Elecrtify. Originaly I had planeed to swatch this polish solo but don't have the patience so decided a nice gold base would make it easier, and that just wasn't the case. While Foil Effects gold made a fantastic base I'd have to do at least 3 coats of Electrify regardless of a base.
This pic is without flash.
The photo below is with flash. I absolutely love Electrify and adore the red glitter randomly dancing around on my nails.
I've tried 2 other of the Hunger Games polishes. Smoke and Ashes, and Stone Cold. If you own Stone Cold did you have a horrible time removing it? I'm usually quick with removal.....ahh thats for another post I suppose. Comments welcome!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm in LoVe!!!!!!!

Ok so I'm sure some of you jumped on that awesome deal Zoya had a few weeks ago, buy 3 get 3 free! I know I did! Anyways I had been dying to try a few polishes but Jem is by far the one I wanted the most. I loves me some purple and I love darker colors because I find they compliment my short nails. Ok so I applied ONE coat yes just one lovely coat of this polish and my nails look like little Jems!!! This polish is a dark purple shimmer that just screams sexy!

                                                          One coat with flash SV top coat

One coat without flash

If you're looking for a good purple this is the way to go. More tomorrow! Night all!XOXO

Quick Post

Zoya Happi.....ehh. I was so excited to get this color when I saw it online. Not so much when I slapped it on the paws. Its a pink/yellow coppery duo-chrome. I used two coats and a SV top coat. I feel like it made my hands look dirty. Now it may just be that it doesn't go well with my skin tone, but I'm not a fan.

Zoya Spring Sparkle!!!

I just got the Zoya Mylar Fleck Collection and I'm in sparkle heaven! I absolutely had to start with Maisie! She is a lovely Mylar fleck in a subtle blue jelly with green flecks. Love!!!! I used Zoya Phoebe as a base. Phoebe is Ana amazingly bee-u-tee-ful matte blue! After I applied Phoebe I added 2 coats of Maisie. If you didn't hop on the Spring Collection of Mylar Flecks you best be getting to it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin

Alright. So I know I should be doing a Hunger Games nail, but I decided to do this first. I'm sure you've all heard about Trayvon Martin and the lack of Justice that lingers around his death. For those of you who haven't heard about this, Please pick up a newspaper or turn on the local news channel. I live in South Florida, and like any place there is crime. We may have a high rate of crime around here, but this is unheard of. A young man has lost his life at the bloody hands of another. The constant talk of racism being the motive behind his death is sickening. In this day and age, you'd think we could all just get along. No man woman or child deserves the horrific death that Trayvon Martin endured. Quite frankly this Zimmerman guy is a douche who took the law into his own hands. As a parent this is beyond disturbing. April 10th I hope we will begin to see a glimpse of justice for Trayvon and his family. Below I did nails inspired by his story. Pinky is my crappy interpretation of a gavel. On my ring finger I did Arizona iced tea and a skittle on my index finger. Both of which Trayvon was carrying. Yes iced tea and candy. Not a machete and a 9mm. Unarmed!!!!
On my middle finger I did Trayvon's initials and Justice underneath. On my thumb I did, now this Organization is a wonderful way for the people to take a stand and try and make changes in the world simply by signing a petition you believe in, donating, attending meetings, or even starting your own petition for a cause you believe in. They currently have a petition for the prosecution of Zimmerman. Sign it!!!!

Pinky: Revlon Bare Bones, Stotch Hot Toddy
Ring: Confeti White Wedding, Kiss blue striper, Migi metallic blue nail art pen
Middle:China Glaze Tree Hugger, Migi nail art pen
Index:Finger Paints Art Nouv-Yellow, Sally Hansen Rapid Red, Blk Striper
Thumb: OPI French Qtr for your thoughts, migi nail art pen in blue & silver

Thanks everyone for reading!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Quick Post. The photos below are of Milani One Coat Glitter polish in "Gold Glitz"

These are done with Milani's 3D Holographic polish in "Digital"

Random Nail Art

I decided to post a few nail art pics, since I haven't done any in my last few posts.

This is the classic newspaper nails are done with a base coat of Revlon Bare Bones. I used 2 coats of Bare Bones. Let polish dry (no top coat) I sprayed rubbing alcohol on each individual finger, then one at a time placed a pre-cut strip of newspaper and held for 20seconds, applied Seche Vite, and Done!
Hoo! Ok so for this nail I used Milani Dude Blue for the owl body, All Milani stripers in Yellow Design (eyes), Drawn in Pink (Beak and feet),Black Sketch (pupils)and then used the Dude Blue again to make the dots on the body, and topped it off with SV.
I got this cupcake from I believe cutepolish on YouTube. I used Milani stripers Yellow Design, Drawn in Pink,Black Sketch and White Canvas.
For this Zebra nail I used Confeti "Belle of the Ball" as the base. Then i used Konad Black Special nail polish for the print using Konad plate BM-223 applied SV and done.
Flowers! I used Revlon "Midnight" as the base, then used China Glaze "Kinetic Candy'' for the flowers.
I used Konad plate BM-225 and SV top coat.

Any questions or comments feel free to ask. More tomorrow!

Sunglasses Needed!

Today at work while I was EXTREMELY busy, I took it upon myself to give our receptionist a Mani. I just so happened to have Milani's One coat glitter polish in "Twinkle" and adorned her little paws with
Ba-u-tee-ful glitter! Anyways her fantastic mani made me want more. So I went to CVS and scored this bad boy! Milani One Coat Glitter in "Blue Flash"!!!!!! Excuse the mess, I was just too excited about this polish to clean up the nails before blogging about it. Below is Blue Flash .It is so sparkly If you love you some glitter, then you absolutely need this polish! Have a Fantastic evening ladies!

                                                      Milani Blue Flash One Coat Glitter

Below Is Milani Twinkle 1 Coat Glitter

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hunger Games

Let's talk fantastic! Tonight I did one coat, yes I said one coat of China Glaze " Smoke and Ashes" and it is awesome!! It is a black shimmer with dark green undertones. I am in love. This is absolutely my go to black from now on. The subtle green is hard to catch with my camera, but it is there and it is lovely! I find black super appropriate for a Monday! Lol have a great night!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goodbye Weekend!

Ok so tonight I figured I'd go with something simple yet fabulous. My
Work uniform is a pair of pajama-ish Royal Blue scrubs. EVERY SINGLE DAY! Ugh. While I love any and everything blue, the faded color of my uniforms are no longer purty. So tonight I did my paws with China Glaze "Frostbite" which I love!!! I find it very similar to Finger Paints "Cerulean Seascape", but not an exact dupe. Either way I loves 'em both. On my ring finger nails I added a coat of China Glaze "Dorothy Who?" from the Wizard collection.

Here she is ladies. Enjoy the very last of your weekend! Xo

Neon and Sparkles

NOTD is a fun bright neon pink and purple hex. I'm so over green and orange I needed to get far away from it. So today I did a girly mani with lots of shimmer and sparkle. Can't go wrong sparkle! With that said here is my Sunday Mani! I used Ruby Kisses "Hot Pink Obsession" as the base and Milani Jewel FX in "Fuchsia". I love Milani! They also have this line of one coat glitter polish that'll make you wanna slap your mama. Anyhoo, have a fabulous and sparkly Sunday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Late post!

Hello ladies! So I have been dying to try any and every polish from Glitter Gal, and I finally scored a bottle from HarlowandCo (the best place to find international and hard to find polish's). Since I LOVES me some purple, I grabbed the Dark Purple 3D/Holo. I should warn you that this polish is so far beyond fantastic, you may pass out! Or just order a bottle from Harlow andCo. Just sayin... here she is ladies. Get your shades out!


So I completely failed my 6 days of St. Patrick's Day nails although I did end up doing one more. It involved the same colors as the last post but I added a little gold sponge at the tips. The gold is Spoiled "Pirates Booty" and very hard to see with my crappy picture. Either way I hope
Your not seeing double and have enjoyed this lovely tribute to an amazing Saint.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

6 Days Of St.Patrick's Day Nails! Day 1

Ok, so I've decided to do a week of St. Patrick's day nails in support of my fine Irish heritage! Here is day 1! Hope you follow along and enjoy! For this nail I used L'Oreal's L'Orange 410 for the base coat and tips. Then I used Migi nail art pen in metallic green for the shamrocks. For the pot o'gold I used Milani nail art in Black Sketch and Milani Art of Gold. Hope you like I'll have a new one tomorrow!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I need a 12 step program!

Well Hello there! So, I have a slight obsession with nail polish. I am just here to share my sheer adoration for any and everything nail related. I follow many a fantastic nail blog, and I thought I'd give this the old college try! (although college wasn't my thang) I hope you enjoy!
   I will start with a simple yet friggin fantastic polish! Its my go to "I can't think of any creative designs/nail art" nail polish. It's simply fantastic! Fantastic I say! So here is one of my absolute fav's China Glaze "Ruby Pumps". The amount of shimmer in this two coater polish is glamorous. It's definitely a staple polish for me. I wish you could see how pretty this color is from the pic, but my iphone camera sucks! This polish comes in regular 0.5fl oz bottle and a super portable 3.6ml bottle. True story... I carry that bad boy around in my purse. Never know when a sexy red polish is needed! Actually, when ISN'T a sexy red polish needed? Jus sayin.... Well that is all for tonight. Until tomorrow....!