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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Straight Slackin Bruh (in my Kevin Hart voice)

Ok, so I've been super slacking lately on my posts, I have been super busy with work and I've been swatching, just not posting. So below I am making up for the week. Warning PIC HEAVY!

Below is Layla 08 Flash Black. I've heard and read about using a good base coat on Holo's but I see no differance. I used a base coat of Seche Retain and two coats of Black Flash. I am in love with this polish. I did find the application a little hard to work with as it was thick and blotchy. After my first nail i figured out how to get complete opacity with one coat, but went for number two anyways. This polish looks a funky gray when first applied but about 40 seconds later you get this beautiful Holo effect. I also added a SV top coat which dimmed the Holo a bit, so I don't recommend it. However I did chip 3 nails by days end.

                               Artifical Light                                                             Natural Light
Below is Zoya Nova.This polish is gorgeous. It's kind of an indescribable color, to me at least. In the bottle it appears Pink. Fuchsia? Magenta? Either way its a gorgeous jelly with little pink glitter every freakin where!I used a base of Zoya Happi which I found was completely unnecessary, but I still achieved opacity with 2 coats of Nova. It's purty, and sparkly. Need I say more? Both shots are indoors.

Below is Glitter Gal Red 3D/Holo This is a horrific picture and I thought I'd caught it beautifully in the sunlight, but as you can see that is not the case. I love Glitter Gal, and cant keep my peepers off my paws when I wear it!
An oldie but goodie! Below is Revlon Royal. This picture does this polish no justice. Its a deep deep Royal Blue Creme that makes me wanna cry it's so damn luscious! This is two coats topped with SV.
Hunger Games! I grabbed a few HG's polishes and was thrilled to find out this Stone Cold is a matte! It's opaque in one coat and is super pretty with a little shimmer. It reminds me of concrete. This was a BITCH to remove. I have many matte polishes and do quite a lot of nail art which means lots of layers of polish and glitters, super hard to remove. This polish stained my fingers, my nails,. it was hella funky. Now this may have just been the bottle I bought.Anyone else have trouble? BTW I used 2base coats of SV Rebuild.
Oh Lord Help Me!!!! Me + Water Marbling = NO BUENO!
So I decided to try Marbling minus the agua. For this questionable mani I used ChG Turned Up Turquoise, Frostbite, and Kinetic Candy. I applied a couple healthy drops of each polish on my nails then swirled with a toothpick until I came up with this mess. God knows why but I continued with the rest of my nails until I ultimately accepted failure. Giggle if you must! I am a water marbling failure and I have accepted it! Don't Judge me! lol
Well that's all I've got for this evening and I am working on my Easter mani, hopefully it turns out better than my waterless marbling! lol Wish me luck!

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