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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunglasses Needed!

Today at work while I was EXTREMELY busy, I took it upon myself to give our receptionist a Mani. I just so happened to have Milani's One coat glitter polish in "Twinkle" and adorned her little paws with
Ba-u-tee-ful glitter! Anyways her fantastic mani made me want more. So I went to CVS and scored this bad boy! Milani One Coat Glitter in "Blue Flash"!!!!!! Excuse the mess, I was just too excited about this polish to clean up the nails before blogging about it. Below is Blue Flash .It is so sparkly If you love you some glitter, then you absolutely need this polish! Have a Fantastic evening ladies!

                                                      Milani Blue Flash One Coat Glitter

Below Is Milani Twinkle 1 Coat Glitter


  1. Is that seriously only one coat? bc if so that's amazing

    1. Yes no lie it is only ONE coat, and only like $4.99 a bottle! Cant beat it!

    2. Hard to take off?

    3. Yes! It's a bitch to take off. But i just use the foil method and it comes off fairly easy. Also if you are heavy on the top coat, you can almost peel it off when ready to remove.