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Friday, March 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin

Alright. So I know I should be doing a Hunger Games nail, but I decided to do this first. I'm sure you've all heard about Trayvon Martin and the lack of Justice that lingers around his death. For those of you who haven't heard about this, Please pick up a newspaper or turn on the local news channel. I live in South Florida, and like any place there is crime. We may have a high rate of crime around here, but this is unheard of. A young man has lost his life at the bloody hands of another. The constant talk of racism being the motive behind his death is sickening. In this day and age, you'd think we could all just get along. No man woman or child deserves the horrific death that Trayvon Martin endured. Quite frankly this Zimmerman guy is a douche who took the law into his own hands. As a parent this is beyond disturbing. April 10th I hope we will begin to see a glimpse of justice for Trayvon and his family. Below I did nails inspired by his story. Pinky is my crappy interpretation of a gavel. On my ring finger I did Arizona iced tea and a skittle on my index finger. Both of which Trayvon was carrying. Yes iced tea and candy. Not a machete and a 9mm. Unarmed!!!!
On my middle finger I did Trayvon's initials and Justice underneath. On my thumb I did, now this Organization is a wonderful way for the people to take a stand and try and make changes in the world simply by signing a petition you believe in, donating, attending meetings, or even starting your own petition for a cause you believe in. They currently have a petition for the prosecution of Zimmerman. Sign it!!!!

Pinky: Revlon Bare Bones, Stotch Hot Toddy
Ring: Confeti White Wedding, Kiss blue striper, Migi metallic blue nail art pen
Middle:China Glaze Tree Hugger, Migi nail art pen
Index:Finger Paints Art Nouv-Yellow, Sally Hansen Rapid Red, Blk Striper
Thumb: OPI French Qtr for your thoughts, migi nail art pen in blue & silver

Thanks everyone for reading!

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