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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tinaandlucy Indie Polish!

Good Morning Ladies!!! This morning I have a new Indie Brand TinaAndLucy from Etsy! She is a Geologist that makes some seriously awesome nail polish! I ordered 3 and Love them! I should warn you this post is Pic Heavy!!!

These are the 3 I Ordered. Coral, Topaz, and Spinal.

Coral is a beautiful creme-ish "coral" shade with blue spinal glitter and pink hex glitter along
with tons of pretty blue micro-glitter! Below is 2 coats. It applied like a dream, and I had absolutely no
problem at all with the glitter as it went on flawlessly! No glitter digging in this bottle!
It's just so pretty! An awesome color combo. This photo is with flash.

Below is Topaz. I kicked myself in the ass for not trying this polish on my daughter, as she
has an awesome tan right now. My pasty complexion does not do this polish justice. Topaz is cremesicle orange base filled with light pink bar glitter and the prettiest square mirror-like glitter. Below is 2 coats.
This polish also went on very well and the glitter went exactly where I wanted it without
having to fool around with it. 
2 Coats of Topaz with flash
Below is Spinal. I freakin love how this polish looks on my paws! Its a blue jelly filled with purple-ish-blue bar glitter and tons of micro-glitter. Below is 2 coats.
I could not capture the awesomeness that is Spinal with my camera.
This polish reminded me of Blue Jeans.  It's like my fingers are wearing pants. lol Seriously, it looks like a pair of blue jeans. Buy it and tell me different!
That is all for today Ladies! If you like what you see, go ahead and hit up TinaandLucy. She has a ton more colors and you must check her out even if just to oogle over her polish awesomeness!

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand before! It looks awesome! :) I absolutely love that you don't have to invert the bottle for an hour to get the good glitter out (how annoying is that??!) and I really love that square glitter. I need some square glitters.. most of mine are sooo borrrring! Thanks for sharing these, I'm gonna have to check that brand out :)